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EXIT: The Game is a series of escape room games for the home. Players must solve riddles and puzzles and crack codes to escape from an imaginary room or environment. But the clock is ticking! Can you escape?


Unlock Escape Room games focus on more fantastical adventure settings that you would never experience in real life. The other big player in the game, EXIT, focuses more on real life scenarios that are more thrilling and at times filled with horror. Same concept but very different spaces.

Return to the Abandoned Cabin

One ordinary morning, a police detective rings your doorbell. He asks you to come with him — you’re headed back to the infamous cabin where it all began to help bring Funbeq down. The adventure begins … again!

Shadows Over Middle-Earth

Middle-earth is in grave danger. Frodo and the Fellowship are on their way to Mordor to destroy the One Ring. But they need your help! Make haste and carry out Gandalf’s secret assignments. Can you buy Frodo enough time to reach Mount Doom?

The Pharaoh's Tomb

In the Valley of the Kings, the highlight of your Egypt vacation, you get separated from your group. Trapped in a burial chamber, you find a dusty notebook and an ancient disk.

The Catacombs of Horror (2 in 1!)

In the crypts beneath Paris, a friend vanishes mysteriously, adding to the catacomb's reputation. You embark on a search party, navigating the underground labyrinth. Can you locate your friend and escape this dark world?

Kidnapped in Fortune City

In the frontier town of Fortune City, the sheriff has vanished amidst rampant crime. Players must collaborate to solve the mystery, exploring different locations and interrogating suspects. Find clues and testimonies to rescue the sheriff before time runs out.

The Deserted Lighthouse

The Deserted Lighthouse, you must work to solve the riddles and reach the lighthouse’s top to activate its beacon, saving the approaching ship before it smashes against the rocks and sinks to the bottom of the sea.

The Polar Station

In the Arctic research station, an evacuation alarm sounds, leaving you trapped. As you explore a devastated lab, you find a notebook and a strange disk. Decode the numbered locks in time to escape the chilling Arctic and survive.

The Sinister Mansion

You are invited to be a guest at a palatial mansion, but upon arrival, you find yourselves forced to take part in a macabre game. The clock is ticking, and there is not much time left to solve the puzzles. Can you escape the mansion before it’s too late?

UNLOCKED! Exotic Adventures

In “The Night of the Boogeymen,” players must help a child whose dreams are invaded by boogeymen! In “Scheherazade’s Last Tale,” players must save Scheherazade from the sultan in this ultimate tale of Arabian Nights! In “Expedition: Challenger,” players must survive a valley of dinosaurs and save Professor Challenger’s latest expedition!

UNLOCKED! Mystery Adventures

Players must survive a sea monster and depleting oxygen levels in the underwater adventure, “The Nautilus’ Traps.” In “The House on the Hill,” players explore a run-down manor to stop a sinister curse. And it’s a race against the clock as players track down Captain Smith’s hidden treasure in “The Tonipals Treasure.”

UNLOCKED! Game Adventures

Unlock! Game Adventures includes three separate scenarios for you to explore, each set in a different well-known board games universe. Solve a murder in the Mysterium scenario. Travel by train across the U.S. to thwart the Rail Barons' scheme in the Ticket to Ride scenario. Face a global health crisis in the Pandemic scenario.

UNLOCKED! Legendary Adventures

In Unlock! Legendary Adventures, players will work together to stop Stella, the criminal mastermind, in a white-knuckle adventure of explosive proportions, team up with the Merry Men to free Robin Hood from the Sheriff of Nottingham, and help Sherlock Holmes solve a peculiar murder case.

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